Well its been a month now , so I guess I will give you an update on what's been going on in T-Land . Holiday traffic sucks . This is the time of year I have seen the most ungrateful people . Besides being aggravated , Shannon and I have finalized our plans for France in February , and I am trying to figure out where I will go for the first half of my vacation in January . Thought about going to CHI , RENO, MISS, BOSTON, or maybe I'll drive till I'm tired and turn around . I've almost got all my shopping done , and for those who don't get presents from me , don't worry I still like you , I'm just financially challenged . I'm trying to save for a house , but I'm only finding homes I can afford in southern Illinois . Its kind of a far commute .


A Day of Surf , Sun , and Traffic

Well just another horrible Kelly day . I started the day at a lazy 10am . Heading up the coast to pick up shane in Stuart , and moving on to Sebastian inlet . Where the surf was head high and glassy . The crowd wasn't to bad just normal Sebastian . We surfed until about 4 and started home . Somehow we always time it just right to hit the absolute worst traffic imaginable . After taking 95 then the turnpike and then 95 for another try , I made it home at 8 pm . Not a bad day off . And it gets better . Its a pub night tonight . 930 or so at the lion and the eagle for a pint with good friends .


2 Great Years

Shannon and I have been together for 2 years now , it has gone by so fast . What an amazing time , thank you Shannon . I love you very much ,


Turn that frown upside down !!

Well its been sometime since my last post , and as I look at the last few posts I can't help but think that I am bringing the vibe down a bit . So I thought that I would post something positive for a change . I have great news . I have passed my paramedic exam . Which in turn gives me a nice little raise and a lot more responsibility . I now have lives depending on my decisions . The realization of this just hit this morning as we were dispatched to a rollover, possibly trapped victim, and yours truly is in charge . What a good feeling . Everything went perfect and the call was a success .



As I watch the TV specials on 9/11/2001 , I am forced to think of all the Americans who lost there lives that day . We must remember , and not just on the anniversary of the twin towers collapse but every day you go to work and come home to your family , when you see a police officer or firefighters , when you stare in intrigue at a high rise building , when you see a plane soaring peacefully in the clear blue sky , and when you see spotlights aimed in the sky just like we saw 6 months following the collapse. Please don't forget , thank a firefighter , a police officer , a veteran. These are the people that are risking their lives for you everyday .


Erik Michael Poole

Today is my brothers birthday . Its his first birthday since his death last year . I've been thinking a lot about how this day should go, should I be sad , should I celebrate the time we had with him. I think it should be a little of both . For those of you who didn't get a chance to meet him I'll give you a quick run down. Erik was a big bro , an athlete , a husband , a son , an embryoligist , and a great friend to name a few. He lived in Chicago with his wife Sherri , their dog cooper , in their beautiful house in oak park . I miss you bro , and I'll always look up to you .


Happy Birthday Scott!

Well today is my good friend scott's birthday. So in his honor I thought it would be a nice gesture for all who have been blessed with his friendship to raise there pint or tequila stuntman, shave a fohalk and be merry . Here's to you Scott. You elderly bastard.