The day is Tuesday , I just got off work , taxes are a disappointment , but what's new at least there done . I have to learn today , paramedic class starts at 1500hrs .

I found myself thinking about my bro last night at work , I am still in disbelief that I can't just call him and tell of my week or day or anything at all. I took advantage of having a brother for so long. I then started thinking. What if it was me , and what would I change about my life ,,, would I quit work and travel till I was overcome by the cancer. Or would I try to fight it and pretend like everything was going to be ok . I don't know if I'll ever know . I just don't want regrets , I want to be free of all things (including myself if it makes any sense) . I want to wake one day and not have the power line jungle buzzing in my ear .

"We are all whiplashed bystanders that are continually shaken to our core by this very complex society we live in . But , the mantra at the end of every day should be : There's no where to be, but everywhere to go..."
...Jon Rose ; Towards Miles


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