A mutton of a day

The day started relatively the same as any other. Woke up around 10am to my sauna of a room. Sweating from sleeping in my jeans again , I swear they are like a child's security blanket for me. One day I'll grow out of them . Anyway back to my day , my buddy called about 10:30 talking of going diving. Of coarse I immediately jumped out of bed and got my gear together to meet him on his 34ft venture. We were heading out to spearfish in about 100ft of water. My first deep dive on nitrox . First dive was 110ft a nice reef with a plentiful sea life at the bottom . After 35min. On the bottom we had bagged six mutton snapper . Which I'm told are very good eaten . We hung out on the boat the recommended time before going down for are second dive , this time on oxygen , in about 65 - 75 Ft of water and shot another 8 mutton. After are second dive we were all pretty tired and decided to try to beat the storms that were rapidly approaching, so we headed in for the day . Well we didn't beat the rain but it was well worth it . I wish I could do that everyday , but its back to work tomorrow .


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