2500 Miles Later

Well Shannon and I are back from our road trip . We trekked 2500 miles. Driving through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, to Tennessee where we stayed at Shannon's grandmothers home in Memphis for two days, checking out downtown Bealle St and Mudd Island before stopping at the world famous Randevous restaurant for some down home BBQ,(I got ribs Shannon had some beans and slaw.)we then headed for southern Illinois through Kentucky. When we finally made it we were so tired , we decided to take it easy and go to sleep early to be refreshed for the following mornings festivities . We had lunch over at my aunt Cathy's . Played with my cousin Kelly's kids Owen Tate and Wyatt Clayton (just a little southern ) later that day we went out to the lake with my cousin Kevin and his groomsmen (did I not mention the reason for the trip? My cousin is throwing his life away and getting married, kidding .. He is very happy and we are all excited for him , his wife Jennifer is an amazing girl who is sure to make him an honest man . ) at the lake we did some tubing behind one of the boats , we are so beat up . Well the wedding went off without a catch and kev and jen should be in Jamaica now , sitting on the beach getting fried . Shannon and I finished our trip driving back down through Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and finally back in Florida. Its good to be back , now I really should get back to that studying thing .


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