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Well I am back from Costa Rica , and back to I-95 , 90 degree weather, and lake Atlantic. The trip went well, we stayed at some sick places , one was a two story house on tamarindo bay . I managed to get the room with the jacuzi tub and private patio (go figure) , the wasn't to good but at least i surfed every day , sometime we got four sessions in one day , the first day the surf was about 8ft at a place called little Hawaii , in the first hour mark broke his 9'0" Walden . Then the rain came it lasted four days most of them the wind was on it , so the wave were kind of blown out . During this time we surfed playa Negra , playa Grande , and tamarindo bay. On the sixth day we woke up at 4am and drove to playa del coco to take a bout trip to witches rock and ollies point , the swell was fading and the waves dropped to about 4ft . It was lined up though so we ended up scoring some good surf . After witches and ollies we headed to Boca barranca for the firefighters surf contest . Our accommodations were unreal , we stayed in an all inclusive resort , that's right free booze all we could drink . The hotel also had a casino in it , i won $60 playing blackjack . Needless to say I'm ready for Vegas . The contest went well we earned third place in the team division . i ended up getting knocked out in the semifinals . Not quite as good as last year but I'm going to blame it on the dirty rivermouth we were surfing in . To be continued ....


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